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Having given up playing football, I had watched my weight increase to a point where I decided I needed to do something about it and quickly.  I approached Gary after a recommendation and during the free consultation he asked me questions about my exercise and eating habits.  Gary really knows what he is talking about and he explained where I was going wrong and what he would do to help me achieve my goals.

I signed up to his 12 Week Transformation Package in order to achieve initial fast results.  Gary gave me an exercise and nutrition plan to follow, which made it  really clear what I had to do in order to maximise the results in the 12 week period.

The first 4 weeks were very difficult, but after that I found my body and mind had adjusted to the plan and having someone to keep you motivated is a big help!  After completing the 12 weeks, I can honestly say I have never felt or looked in better shape.  The before and after photos we took were a real eye opener to the condition I had let myself get in.  I now have a totally different outlook on how I exercise and what I eat, and these end results couldn’t have been achieved without Gary’s guidance.


Gary has been my Personal Trainer for the past 5 years. I had a knee replacement and needed to get back to fitness and lose some weight as I had only been able to cycle because of the knee and was very unfit. I am happy to say that with Gary's help I have lost weight and am doing things in terms of fitness that I never thought possible!


I am stronger, and fitter than anyone I know of my age (66) it's astonishing what goals Gary gets me to accomplish with humour and encouragement, even though I sometimes tell him I hate him!!! Our sessions are hard work, but fun. I no longer have to do 'seniors' classes at the gym, can happily join 'high energy' and spin classes and regularly power walk 5k. Uphill!


As Gary says,"Personal Training is all about being the best you can be at the age you are, no matter what that age is, whether you're 18 or 80."


I was a bit unsure of whether I should sign up for a course of personal training, not because I didn’t need it, but because I didn’t think that I would be any good at it and I felt that at almost 50, all hope was lost anyway! Oh yes, and because I find exercise boring.


But now 2 months in and I’m very glad that I did, as I now feel much fitter, have lost weight, and have become very conscious of what I’m eating throughout the week! Having a personal trainer makes exercise much easier than training alone, in fact, I find l push myself far harder with a trainer standing next to me than I ever would alone, especially as they do all the boring bits for you like the thinking, counting, motivating etc, oh, and it’s never boring! (In fact, dare I say it, I actually look forward to my weekly P.T sessions with Gary, as he keeps me motivated and is always very professional).


Gary is the best personal trainer I've worked with. Great core, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular routines. Meticulous attention to detail. And a really nice guy too. I've felt a real difference since training with Gary.

James & Sons

My sons and I have benefited greatly, health and fitness wise, from our sessions with Gary which we have greatly enjoyed despite the pain! Only joking. Gary has trained the 4 of us in Group Circuit Training Sessions since January 2011 and we have all experienced great strength and cardiovascular improvements and shape change.


I have no hesitation in recommending Gary who has so well structured our training to suit our different ages and fitness levels.


I first met Gary when I started training, (as a recommendation from my doctor) after being diagnosed with Angina. Gary identified which programme of exercise I would be suitable for and then he continued to monitor my progress. After a few weeks of gentle exercise, I started to notice a difference in my general well being. My breathing and energy levels had improved greatly and I felt happier in my day to day life.


As I had improved my overall fitness levels, Gary was instrumental in developing a fitness programme to continue my progression. This led to a noticeable difference in my physical appearance. I gradually lost weight and my flexibility increased as Gary advanced my goals. Gary continues to develop his knowledge and expertise in fitness and well being and I always look forward to our training sessions.


I have been having personal training sessions with Gary now for three years. I enjoy these sessions and find him to be very professional without being overbearing. Every session is different incorporating new exercises that stretch my abilities and prevent going to the gym from becoming boring. He always listens to me so that we achieve my goals.


He has strengthened the muscles in my back to help with an existing problem and he has concentrated on different parts of my anatomy to tone muscles and improve my shape. He has helped with my running technique and my stamina has improved.


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September 2009 and had found this very difficult having always been very fit – completing 2 Marathons and the Four Peaks challenge in the past. My balance and coordination were impaired and I personally needed to overcome these problems. I decided that I would try a Personal Trainer and hence met Gary Curley.


I have had sessions with him once a week since January 2010. I have found his sessions extremely advantageous – him working on my core stability/balance and general overall strength and conditioning and the effects are amazing. Having gone from NOT being able to stand on one leg at all without falling, I am now able to stand on a BOSU on one leg with weights! I am also more toned in general and feel so much better about dealing with my illness. He is very patient but will push you positively when necessary and I would recommend and have recommended him, to various friends and colleagues.


3 years ago, I was more than happy to poodle away in the gym on my own, then Gary Curley appeared on the scene. Initially, being somewhat anti-social, I was not that keen, but decided to give it a go on a trial basis - and have never looked back!


So, 3 years on I still have regular PT sessions with Gary, he is a top class trainer and friendly person, who has made going to the gym a pleasure. I feel the exercise and fitness regime I have developed over the years with Gary is perfectly suited to my goals and requirements. Every session is different and are both challenging and rewarding, and though I still go regularly on my own, I look forward to the sessions with Gary. Gary takes care to do a thorough body workout over the various, sessions. I’m no spring chicken - 54 at the last count, but feel that Gary has added much more to my visits to the gym than I could possibly have done on my own. Thoroughly recommended!

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